Advance Year In Review

July: The Big Apple, Superstars in STEM and solar power innovation



2014 Advance Awards mentee Dr Jillian Kenny was recently named a Superstar in STEM! Science and Technology Australia is working with 30 of the nation’s most dynamic scientists and technologists to create role models for young women and girls, and work towards equal representation in the media of men and women in STEM. We are so excited that Jillian is in the mix! 

The Advance community attended many events around the world, including; Engaging with Asia through the Humanities and Social Sciences in Melbourne, AAA Westpac Summer Cruise in NYC and an alumni networking event in Beijing. 

It was great to share and read about how Australians innovating in the solar power industry; Alexie Steller from Pollinate helping to  change the lives of poor families living in India’s urban slums and Australian chemical engineer Rose Amal using sunlight to transform unwanted carbon dioxide into environmentally friendly fuels that will power the future.

In this month's Born Global, we took members to the big apple and interviewed some #BornGlobal New York Aussies, check out their stories here.

Industry and Innovation Champions:

  • Great news for the Aussie startup community; Silicon Valley's biggest tech start-up pitching contest is headed to Australia. Check it out here
  • Businesses are increasingly global but where you live can make a difference, particularly if you are a woman. Read about the experiences of five top female entrepreneurs from New York, the Bay Area, London, Sydney and Melbourne, including former Advance Innovation participant Alison Hardacre, Co-Founder of HealthKit
  • Fashion label Elliatt doesn't have a single store in Australia but it's about to open 15 in China - any Australians thinking of expanding to China take note!
  • The secret to success, according to Aussie expat, Advance member and Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox, is to zig when everybody else is zagging. Read about it here