Advance Year In Review

August: Mid year reflections, #BornGlobal Salon with Maureen Dowd and global AFL stars



Having surpassed the mid-year mark, Advance took a moment to reflect on what has been achieved in the first 6 months of 2018 - very proud of our Global team!

As all #BornGlobal Aussies would know, we often find ourselves waking up at strange hours of the morning to watch our favourite teams play to ensure we don’t have a severe case of #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Advance had the opportunity to speak with some of our #BornGlobal Australians who have been integral in the growth of AFL overseas particularly in Europe, USA and Hong Kong. Check out their stories on our blog and our video!

In partnership with the New York Times and ClemengerBBDO, Advance was thrilled to host an evening with the legendary Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist, Maureen Dowd. Maureen was interviewed by renowned journalist, and close friend, Julia Baird. The conversation was held in Sydney at the Workclub, a beautifully designed global co–working space, which is home to Advance’s Sydney office. The night brought together an army of passionate Maureen fans, the likes of corporate Australia, Advance Corporate members and fellow NYT journalists, who were all keen to get the inside scoop on Trumpland and the unpredictable state of American politics. And Maureen did not disappoint! Read more about the event here.

In this month's #BornGlobal, we took the Advance community to Ho Chi Minh City with it’s landscape shaped by historic buildings and modern skyscrapers. Check out the impressive Aussies who now call HCMC home.

Check out the Born Global spotlight video we made about Australian-Vietnamese Jimmy Pham is the founder of a not-for-profit social enterprise KOTO which stands for “Know One, Teach One” in Vietnam.

Industry and Innovation Champions:

  • Australian mathematician Akshay Venkatesh has won the Fields Medal, the maths equivalent of a Nobel Prize. It immediately marks him as one of Australia’s greatest minds, capping a journey that began at Uni in Perth aged just 12. Read more about it here

  • Macquarie Bank’s new CEO, Australian Shemara Wikramanayake, will be the institutions first female CEO and the second woman to run a major Australian financial institution

  • The New South Wales government has announced initial plans for a potentially vast new tech precinct in central Sydney – to be “Australia’s Silicon Valley”. Read more about it here

  • Scientists in Melbourne say they have discovered a new type of anti-cancer drug without the usual side effects of conventional cancer treatments. Learn more about this incredible research here