Advance Year In Review

August: Shanghai stories, Australia unlimited and helping to build a brighter Australia



There are currently one million Australians living and working overseas. Why do so many of us leave a country that offers a fantastic quality of life and has some of the most livable cities in the world

Advance and PwC are working together to paint a fuller picture about how the Aussies living and working overseas maintain engagement with Australia and its organisations during their time abroad, and how beneficial their ideas, skills and networks are to the country upon returning home. This month Advance members were engaged in helping to build a brighter Australia through a survey.

It was great to share some of Australia Unlimited's content specifically on food and agriculture. Our favourites from this month were; Anti-counterfeit technology protecting Australian food, In search of the perfect noodle, profile on Australian Chef Beau Clugston and on Ray Harrington, a Western Australian farmer.

With Australia in the midst of the plebiscite, we encouraged our global community to register and vote, regardless of where they are in the world! 

A new month means a new city! In this month's Born Global, we travelled to Shanghai to hear from incredible global Australians, check out their stories here

Industry and Innovation Champions:

  • Lynette Wallworth, 2016 Advance Award winner (The Arts) has been nominated for International Emmy Award for her bold and unique Virtual Reality screen project, Collisions 
  • This month we found out why savvy Australian startups and SMEs need negotiation skills for Asia
  • Australian doctor, Stefanie Pender, is making it her mission to save lives in the Mediterranean Sea - incredible work! 
  • Prominent Australian entrepreneur Kate Kendall is returning home and bringing her freelance talent marketplace CloudPeeps with her